James Comey’s Revelations Stir up Controversies and Debates

James Comeys Revelations Stir up Controversies and DebatesAs James Comey, former FBI Director, revealed that he used the media and his skills to devise and construct a disclosure to damage the reputation by offering full-disclosure of his conversations with Donald Trump, the President of the United States, he went to prove that it was a questionable move and unethical on many levels, thereby making way for a new matter to be discussed and held for debates.

The ethical aspect of the move has been highlighted and the case has taken a turn. It has given rise to numerous questions in the minds of the media and the common people. Donald Trump’s personal lawyer has successfully used this aspect of the case as a trump of his own. He has carefully orchestrated his appeal and objections regarding the ethical implications and approach of the move by James Comey.

It has become the centrepiece of his defence. Marc Kasowitz, Donald Trump’s personal attorney claimed that James Comey made an ‘unauthorized disclosure’ of private conversations with the President. He asked the concerned authorities to investigate Comey’s actions along with the investigation of the leaked materials.

Comey was unmoved by the retort and told the panel that he was simply replying to Trump’s tweet saying that he hoped Comey didn’t have the tapes of the Russia election-season hacking investigations. Comey reveals that Trump’s tweet made him realize that he needed to get his account out in the open as soon as possible and reveal the happenings.

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