Blaming Comey and Complete Vindication of Russia by Trump

The tiff over the Russian issue has been going on for a long time that is dragging the United States dispensation and the administrative head into this and makes direct comments. These being criticised, the President Mr, Donald Trump is direct assassinating the character of Comey blaming him as a leaker and a liar. Such bold comments thrown publically are facing huge condemnation by the new agencies and the Russian civilians as well.

The constant tweeting and retweeting of this political issue between Trump and Alen Dershowitz, is evidently projecting that the problem is brewing in the parliamentary firmament and needs a permanent solution in this political arena only. The tension among the Russian administrative representatives is creating a fuss in the political protocols of the Russian dispensation.

The fresh preparations made by the US President Donald Trump to file a case against the sacked out FBI officer Comey are no way shocking.  This has given rise to a pandemonium where the firing of Comey is being directly supported by the US President. After the resignation of Comey from the arena of FBI his deeds still needs investigation to penetrate deep into the matter and hence is not at all proved to be a criminal offense yet.

Still the American dispensation is trying hard to keep this away from the Russian probe and is evidently seen to play safe. By decimating the decency of the parliamentary arena the American administration is trying hard to falsify the relation of White house and the FBI as perceived by Comey.

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