After 72 Years, WWII Soldier Remaining Returning Home To The US

After 72 Years, WWII Soldier Remaining Returning Home To The USIn Greenville, Tennessee, remaining of a long lost soldier from the Europe Theater of the World War II will again travel a long distance to home in the very place of Tennessee where the soldier was born. But this time, the soldier is no more, and only its remaining will come back to the place where he born in the town of Greenville.

According to the reports, the identification of the soldier was, US Army Pfc. Reece Gass, native to Greenville, he was part of Army’s 3rd Armored Division which was posted in Belgium. In the region, the tank where Gass was in was destroyed, which was in 1945, and he was inside of the tank, while in 1947, the remains of the soldier were found the tank. But, it was not identified, and there were many attempts to identify the body, but all were failed until this year, with new technology the body was identified and now it is coming to its motherland.

It was that when Gass died, he was just 20-years old, and his funeral rites were done at an American Cemetery in Luxemburg where no remains of his were present but just his memorial with a tombstone. These types of tombs are very common in that time, as many of the soldiers were gone missing, and not even their bodies were found; thus these steps were taken to honor the fallen yet missing soldiers.

Now, Gass’s remains will be buried at Cross Anchor Cemetery in Greenville with full military honors.

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