Trump Leads US Into Recent Arab Crisis, By Opposing It’s Ally Qatar

Trump Leads US Into Recent Arab Crisis, By Opposing Its Ally QatarIn Washington DC, when the time is not right in the Arab world, as the newly grown tension on Qatar’s remark on the ISIS, which was opposed by four Arab nations including Saudi Arabia, but the US president Donald Trump have to put the US into the matter. The small kingdom of Qatar is an ally of the US, but since the bigger allies are getting dirty on Qatar, the US have decided to step aside from the smaller player and join the Saudi’s team with an allegation that it is sponsoring the ISIS.

Trump has accused the small-sized yet a big gas-rich nation of Qatar, on the charges that the country is supporting the ISIS when the US has a separate base inside the country with 10,000 strong troops. It was just last week when the Trump was present in Riyadh, where he was pressurizing the several Arab and Muslim governments to get control over its extremists, which was including the small nation of Qatar.

Even Trump says he told the kings, presidents, and prime ministers to stop whatever they are doing to fund and encourages radical ideology, which can’t be tolerated by the US, and the others have now shown their fingers at Qatar.

Trump’s new statement on the connections of Qatar to the terrorist outfit of ISIS, which was proven by several other Arab countries, and thus this makes the country as a prime target who funds the ISIS against Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt, as well as the US.

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