Teen Who Texted Boyfriend & Encourages Him To Suicide Wants To Have Attention

Teen Who Texted Boyfriend & Encourages Him To Suicide Wants To Have AttentionIn Taunton, Massachusetts, the teenager who is now facing charges for the texts she made to her boyfriend who clearly revealed her intentions to encourage her boyfriend to kill himself, which is because she wants attention from public, says an authority.

One of the prosecutors even said, that she have played a “sick game” to get attention, which is not at all good, as the boy is no more, because of her game, who played with another person’s life. As per the reports, there were dozens of text messages and telephone calls, where Michelle Carter, then 17 and now 20, urged her then boyfriend to kill himself, and accordingly, now deceased Conrad Roy III does commit suicide. This enables the prosecutors to charged Carter with manslaughter.

There was also news, which when Carter came to know about what Roy was going to do, she didn’t call the police or the parents of Roy; instead she wants everyone’s sympathy as well as attention which shows what kind of person she is, says prosecutor Maryclare Flynn.

On the other hand, the defense attorney, Joseph Cataldo said, Roy was depressed from the beginning, and there were many reasons for that, which is such as his parent’s divorce, abused by the tormented family members, and much more. Adding to that, Cataldo also said, Carter was the only support to Roy.

Still, court session will go on, but there is a very chance that Carter will be behind the bar, for mentally pressurized a person to some degree that the person killed himself.

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