Apple will share iPhone screen-repair machines by the year end

Apple will share iPhone screen-repair machines by the year endYou probably are aware that many people each day crack their iPhone screens, even each minute. But probably you do not know is that Apple has its own sophisticated machine the Horizon Machine to repair cracked displays. It is now ready to share it.

Until recently the microwave-sized machines have been a secret. They are primarily located in Apple retail stores and in a handful of third-party repair centers. However, the repair wait times are growing at the busiest retail stores and now Reuters reports Apple will supply around 400 authorized third-party repair centers with Horizon Machines in 25 countries by year’s end. That figure represents around 8 percent of Apple’s 4,800 authorized service providers worldwide.

Apple has a pilot program running with Horizon Machines for a year seeded to a handful of third-party repair centers in the Bay Area, London, Shanghai and Singapore, besides Best Buy stores in Miami and Minneapolis.

Plenty of authorized and unauthorized repair centers replace iPhone screens without the assistance of Apple’s Horizon Machines. In fact, some states have introduced legislation requiring manufacturers to supply repair manuals, tools and genuine replacement of parts at fair prices to technicians and general public,” according to Reuters.

The proposed legislation helps smaller repair shops offering high-quality repairs and is bringing repair prices down. Apple is not commenting directly on how much the partners are paying for this Horizon Machines, but it is sure to roll out the machines in 25 countries to 400 third party authorized repair centers by the year end.

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