NASA Scientists Bemuse Over Newly-Found Huge & Deep Hole On Mars

NASA Scientists Bemuse Over Newly-Found Huge & Deep Hole On MarsA deep hole found on Mars’ surface that is big enough to be discovered from space leaves the NASA scientists perplexed, and need to be tested soon enough to find proper answers. According to the space giant, its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter which is also known as MRO, found a vast pit that is deep enough not to see anything, but big enough to catch the attention of the orbiter. The hole was surrounded by a vast area of carbon dioxide in the frozen state, which is located on the southern side of the planet, or it can also be said as the hole is located on the red planet’s South Pole.

NASA has a theory on the depression that shaped like a hole that is deep enough to consider as a way to the underground, but the scientists think the hole is caused by sublimation, which happens when the transformation of solid materials into a gas phase. It is said, by the officials of the space agency that the MRO is studying the surface of the red planet for more than 11 years, but this is the first time it catches such images, which is very strange and mysterious.

In other theories, such holes can causes with many substances, such as lava tubes collapse thus produce the hole, or volcano melt ice creating the funnel or other things, but the actual reason would be known only if anything goes inside the region.

NASA needs more time to study the depression, and many things can come up while examining the place.

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