Atlanta Prison Escape Put Georgian Authorities In Large Scale Manhunt Game

Atlanta Prison Escape Put Georgian Authorities In Large Scale Manhunt GameIn Atlanta, Georgia, state authorities have been put on high alert and then eventually set to a large manhunt to find an inmate who escaped from the Atlanta Transitional Center on this Saturday, says a Georgian official.

According to the Georgian Department of Corrections, who made a statement after the inmate escaped from their facility, an inmate named Dennis Carlyle have escaped from the 332 Ponce De Leon Avenue around 3 am, and the more important is he is wearing civilian clothes. It came to known that, the inmate Carlyle has been escaped the facility when he supposed to transit to another place, or with an internal health which is not revealed by the officials to the media, as per prison escape specialists.

As per the police reports about inmate Carlyle, he was found guilty of robbery in June 2012 and was serving a 7-year sentence, which was his full verdict but, escaped before his sentence was completed.

Later, it’s been acknowledged that the facility of Atlanta Transitional Center is not from other facilities as this one is not at all that category secure to keep an inmate inside it without letting any cracks in security, and thus it gives chances to Carlyle to escape. In basic terms, the facility does serve as a residence of inmates, who will be set there before they will get an official release, and this facility is just an intermediate section to get back to civilized life.

Authorities have placed a state-wise search to find Carlyle as soon as possible.

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