Massive Landslide In California Near Sea Shore Creates 13 Acres Of More Lands

Massive Landslide In California Near Sea Shore Creates 13 Acres Of More LandsA massive landslide hit the Big Sur in the coastal state of California on May 20, this year which involves millions of tons of rock and other dirt on the coastal Highway 1, and blocks the region completely with the interstate highway.

There are many experts says the landslide caused millions of dollars to the state government at a side, but on the other side the state had gained almost 13 acres of land from the landslide. These experts are none other than the officials from the government, the US Geological Survey, who explains the system of this particular landslide and how the state gains 13 acres of land from the slide. The surface of the new land is nothing but rock and dirt, which is so big that there can be 10 football fields, and the slide is big enough to bury 800 Olympic-sized swimming pools, explained by the officials.

The US Geological Survey also said, the situation was never experienced before in the region, and this is the first time that the state of California or any other states of the country have experienced land gains in natural calamities. They also agree that in most of the cases countries lost massive amounts of lands due to natural calamities, but this is a different situation which is being observed by the people of California.

First thing first, as the Californian government said, it will rebuild the Highway 1 then will go for other projects, if they do in the newly gained land.

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