Amazon Offers Refunds for Children’s Unauthorized In-App Purchases

Amazon Offers Refunds for Childrens Unauthorized In-App PurchasesAmazon started giving refunds for the unauthorized purchases made by children using the in-app. Amazon is giving its customers refunds for unauthorized charges the kids may have incurred while playing games from the Appstore of the company.

This move has comeafter three years after the Federal Trade Commission charged Amazon in federal court over in-game charges shocking unsuspecting parents.

“Amazon’s in-app system gave children a chance to unlimited charges on their parents’ accounts without permission,” and so the lawsuit was filed.

A judge concurred and the FTC says the company now agreed to refund up to $70 million as unintended charges.

Amazon spokesman Jonathan Richardson said to NPR: “We have contacted eligible customers who have not received a refund for unauthorized charges aiming to ensure their refunds are confirmed quickly.”

If you believe your child did an in-app purchase without your permission between November 2011 and May 2016, you can get a refund. The FTC says to visit this Amazon webpage or to log into your Amazon account and to look in the Message Center under “Important Messages.” Or you can call Amazon at 866-216-1072. The requests for refund r are due by May 28, 2018.

But Amazon’s Richardson said “Since the Appstore launch in 2011, Amazon is helping parents prevent purchases done without their permission by offering parental controls access, that shows clear notice of in-app purchasing, real-time notification with each in-app purchase and assistance for refund for the unauthorized purchases.”

The FTC asked the court to inform Amazon to refund unauthorized charges and to prevent it from billing account holders without their consent for future in-app charges.

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