1st June Will Mark The Start Of New Hurricane Season For The Atlantic, Says NOAA

In Silver Spring, Maryland, there is a new prediction that starts from Thursday, June 01, 2017, on the Atlantic, which is a new season of hurricanes that will stay until the end of the month November 2017, says NOAA.

According to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association which is also known as NOAA, there are some possibilities of some series of hurricanes from below-normal to above-normal season of hurricanes will appear in the Atlantic Ocean. This season will start from June 1, 2017, means this Thursday, and this will stay in the Atlantic Ocean until the end of the month November, and it might go on until December too, or might stop in the mid-month of November. There are many expectations attached in the prediction of this hurricane season, which is divided into three stages, above-normal, near-normal, and below-normal season that are divided in percentages such as 45 percent, 35 percent, and 20 percent respectively.

There is also a prediction of 11 to 17 tropical storms in the region, while the 5 to 9 of which might turn into strong hurricanes, as per Dr. Gerry Bell, a hurricane forecaster associated with NOAA. In this forecasts, it is also assumed that there are around three to five of the hurricanes will become huge, in the categories of four or higher, which will be bigger with speed reaching to 74mph or more.

There is much guidance are posted on the website of NOAA, where it is precisely said, what to do when the hurricanes hit the mainland of the Unites States.

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