New York Officer Shot &Killed Man In Florida Over Parking Space Dispute

New York Officer Shot &Killed Man In Florida Over Parking Space DisputeIn Miami Beach, Florida, on Monday, two police officers from New York City involved in a parking space dispute with two Miami individuals in a city heavily tourist spot, and then the officer pulled his gun and shot the other person dead, as per the police authorities.

According to the report released by the Miami Beach Police, the arrest was made by several counts, but first, it starts with a white BMW, whose driver was trying to park it in a small space in the Ocean Drive space of South Beach area. While trying to park the BMW that come into contact with an already Buick Regal car several times, which leads its driver along with another person who was standing nearby come to confront the driver of the BMW.

As the Buick’s driver asked the BMW driver, for “how many times you are going to strike my car,” the BMW’s driver got angry and asked them to step back and asked his passenger seated person to point them as he gave a gun in his hand.

The person in the passenger seat in the front row shot several rounds that hit the Buick driver’s leg, but it went fatally for the other person who got hit on his back when he tried to run with the Buick’ driver.

The man who shot the shots was identified as 19-year-old Jeffery Alexander from Brooklyn, New York, and the slain person was too identified as 30-year-old Ladarian Tyrell Phillips native to Florida.

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