Big Companies CEOs get the biggest raises

Big Companies CEOs get the biggest raisesThe typical big-company chief executive received $11.5 million last year in salary, stock and other compensation, as per a study by executive data firm Equilar for the Associated Press. That shows a clear raise of 8.5% from a year earlier, and this was the biggest in three years.

The bump reflects the stocks have done well under these CEOs’ watch. Boards of directors expect the CEOs to push their stock price more to earn their maximum possible payout, and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index was 12% last year.

In the last five years, as per a survey a median CEO pay received a jump of 19.6% without considering inflation and this was nearly double of 10.9% rise that was a weekly paycheck across the country for full-time employees.

The top-paid CEO last year was Thomas Rutledge of Charter Communications Inc., at $98 million. The huge majority was from STOCK AND OPTION awards and this included a five-year employment agreement, taking the stock of the Charter’s to double for Rutledge.

Again, the media business is full of heavy paychecks and the actors and employees are making millions of dollars. The CEO’s in the industry have pulled down traditionally some of the biggest packages in the county.

The CEO pay did fall last year for one group of companies and those where the investors complaining about executive pay. Compensation dropped in 9 of 10 companies scoring lowest on “Say on Pay” votes, where the shareholders gave on top executives’ earnings thumbs up or down.
Women also earn bigger bucks, but have smaller representation.

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