3 People Including Woman &Children Killed In A House Fire In Philadelphia

3 People Including Woman &Children Killed In A House Fire In PhiladelphiaIn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a deadly house fire claims three people in total, which includes a woman and two children who were inside the house when the fire broke out and didn’t get the chance to escape, says a fire department official.

As per the report, the police officials are still not confirmed by the main source of the fire, and what was the cause behind it, thus they have placed an investigation upon the case.

According to the statement made by the fire department officials, who says they, the firefighters came around 4:30 am on the Sunday after one of the neighbors called them to put out the fire. But, when they reached the place, there were flames everywhere, from the windows and everywhere, still, they entered and rescued one child from inside, who was pronounced dead a little while later before they made any attempts to rush the child to the hospital.

On the other hand, there were two more bodies were also being located by the firefighters; one of the bodies was of another child, and the other of a woman. Later it was discovered, the children were 9 and 7 years old, whereas, the woman was 52 years old.

Still, the fire department has not yet predicted the cause of the fire, because it is too soon to understand the start of this deadly fire that took three lives, so there was investigation team was set up to find the reason. This is the second such fire in a house that took three people live in two weeks.

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