Complete Support Of Trump Towards NATO- Says HR McMaster

HR McMaster the national security advisor of the White House said that there is complete yes to the NATO. He says that though he did not made any kind of explicit reference yet it not means that he is against the backed treaties of NATO. The mutual defence doctrine of NATO was backed by the president and now his advisor says that he is completely with the NATO delegations and treaties.

While Trump was consulting with the NATO leaders, he showed complete disagreement towards ARTICLE 5 that is Paris climate change agreement. This none mentioning off the treaty really disappointed the allied leaders. He thus not supported the treaty which really displeased the leaders.

During the election campaigning he said that the allied leaders who does not show true and fair share to the summit should not deserve benefit from it. Now he himself is repeating the same defaults and his one attack is now viewed as the attack made by all the members.

At the end of group conference of G7 summit, the national security advisor of US says that he is complete support with the NATO. He says that he would say about his support in an extraordinary manner. His statement does not mean that he does not support the NATO.

Though the statement was not said implicitly, but he stands with complete and firm support at the commitments of article 5. He completely revealed the truth of the US support at the end of G7 summit in Sicily.

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