Trump Commented On Fake News By Media About His Administration

Trump Commented On Fake News By Media About His AdministrationOn Sunday morning Donald Trump accuses the entire media for weaving fake stories and comments about his administration. He said them to stop fabricating unwanted stories of his administration which is not actually true. Through regular tweeting, Trump said that the stories which the press media is weaving are actually not true.

He in front of entire media accused them not to give unwanted information which is not true in the real world. He also tweeted that the entire information which is coming out of White House is actually the false stories and points which the fake news media is actually weaving. People must be concerned to trust their points without any legal and executive announcement.

He also cleared the point that any article which is anonymous actually does not exist and have no point in the real world. People should not trust these points easily without any prior information.

He also revealed various points which denote the fake news information. He says that any media if says that the sources say is not true. When they fail to mention the actual names of the informer, you should not trust their points at all.

He also corrected the spelling of exist which was posted by the medias of fake news. All such matters perfectly reveal the enmity nature of the concerned authority. Since his inauguration, he has been continuously facing such shortcomings. Meanwhile his trip to overseas countries, he hardly tweeted about the matters. Due to minimal tweeting, the fake news were broadened.

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