T-Mobile is offering free to its subscribers an exciting new service

T-Mobile is offering free to its subscribers an exciting new serviceT-mobile is ready to unleash finally its ‘Digits’ product. In fact, T-Mobile on Thursday is announcing that Digits will be available from May 31st to each subscriber such that his or her phone number will be transformed for free into a Digits number.

So, what exactly is a Digits number?
To be precise, Digits is a nifty service combining the best features of services such as Google Voice and AT&T NumberSync into a single product. It permits one phone number to get working on multiple devices, and it also allows a device to support multiple phone numbers.

The first part is that one phone number that works on multiple devices means the users can have their phone number functioning across any phone, tablet, wearable, or PC. For instance, you can start on your phone a text chat and pick up in the place you left off on your PC as you sit down at your desk. Then, if you move to the couch, you can chat on your tablet.

Another great use is having one Digits number that rings the cell phone of a subscriber, his office phone, his wife’s phone, her office phone, and the couple’s home phone. The Digits number can be given to a child’s school to ascertain that someone will pick up as the school calls.

The Digits puzzle is the ability to get multiple Digits numbers on one device. Again, people carrying two different phones for work and personal use also may find this beneficial as Digits allows them to carry one phone that can support both numbers and pull double duty.

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