Kevin Durant Of Golden State Warriors Says That He Is At Peace Now

Kevin Durant Of Golden State Warriors Says That He Is At Peace NowAfter quitting from the Oklahoma City basketball team Kevin Durant has finally spoken out saying that he is happy and enjoying himself now where he is in his new team. He was being blamed for the loss of the Oklahoma City team for a long time and was told that he is the reason for the team’s poor performance and boring basketball matches where the fans had nothing to watch apart from the other team scoring over and over again. So finally Kevin Durant decided to leave the Oklahoma City basketball team and joined the Golden State Warriors where he says he is happy now and at peace.

He has heard a lot of booing in the past and now doesn’t care about it anymore as he is enjoying himself as a basketball player in all terms. Every day he wakes up with new plans to become better as a human and as a player training in the basketball court continuously and working hard to achieve his goal. He also said that the comments do not matter and will not affect him anymore while revealing his new basketball court where over 200 people has come to the unveiling of the new court.

This basketball court will be dedicated to youngsters and children who want to learn basketball and at times he himself will be present there as well to coach them. This is what a man actually is, a person who does not fear criticism and faces it and yes even comes out of it as well.

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