Facebook nips on Trending Topics to provide its users more perspectives

Facebook nips on Trending Topics to provide its users more perspectivesThe social network is making more visible features on phones. This is now helping you to see other trending topics content and a carousel of stories. Facebook says it wishes to expose its users to more news sources.

The social network said it revamped the feature of its Trending Topics that shows news stories on Facebook and this was done to include a handful of stories on various topics. Now, on clicking a trending topic, you can see a carousel of stories on just swiping through and this will be from different publications. Here you can also see what your public figures and friends are saying about different topics.

Facebook is trying to make this feature prominent on phones. The social network is running a test with its users to put top three trending topics in your news feed.

Facebook is accused of proliferating “filter bubbles,” the concept that Facebook twists people’s view of the world because mostly all that they see on the site align with that they think already. The Trending Topics tweaks seem like an attempt to quell Facebook’s criticism.

This is not for the first time that Facebook has made big changes to Trending Topics. In January, the company eliminated personalized topics and planned to show its users in the same geographic region the same lists.

And before that, each topic came with a short description. But after a major controversy last year, Facebook nixed those descriptions in August. Later there were reports that Facebook was suppressing news from conservative outlets, that the company again put the new system in place.

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