Obama Attended Democratic Discussion In The States Of Berlin

Obama Attended Democratic Discussion In The States Of BerlinOn Thursday previous president of US, Barack Obama attended discussions on the globalism. He inculcated his post Presidential campaigning and suggested his views on the matters. At the open discussion in Berlin, he suggested and urged the youths not to give up in life. He asked them to with themselves and fight till the last.

According to him, in the modern world one cannot isolate themselves and hide behind the wall to save from the dangers. Despite, you should remain with yourselves and manage every prospect in a well manner. He was sitting just next to German Chancellor. He also laid his comment on the meeting of Donald Trump of attending NATO leader’s summit.

Great crowd was addressed by Obama which were lined up on street, side walls and many more. Some were holding welcome message and other forms of banners greeting the coming of Obama. Due Merkel’s invitation, Obama was urged to attend the meeting and represent the whole public.

He was very close to them at the time of his term and that he could not deny on the proposal made by them to attend the entire crowd. She wants to gain sky high popularity in the re election campaigning of herself.

He also says that if he is over convinced regarding the appropriateness in his decision and all truth, there might arise some disputes and great violence in the city. Moreover Merkel has to line perfect balance between the two presidents, one she adores and the one she does not.

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