Great Physical Abuse Being Faced By US Medias By Gianforte

Great Physical Abuse Being Faced By US Medias By GianforteOn Friday Greg Gianforte was celebrating his success as he won the open congressional seat. This week the elected candidate had assaulted the entire media. This is why media outraged the decision of Montana and they are expressing it in severe manner. Somehow they are blaming Trump as he intensified anti media environment where great distress was faced by the journalists.

One of the reports explains that Trump is openly tweeting that the Journalists and reporters are the biggest enemies of American people. Such prospects are quite tolerable but when there is a matter related to physical abuse and mental assault, it is the legal matter and the enforcement of some law is quite necessary. The media should not be considered as a business unit where such assaults are done.

One of the spokesmen of the committee who protects the rights of the journalists says that the Gianforte comment of physical assault is quite inappropriate. In other words when unwanted questions are being asked by the journalists, he could not assault them through physical abuse.

It has been difficult to find these day the same respect which the journalists had one time. Now day’s reporters are openly assaulted of physical attacks and they are critically criticised. The current generation strongly condemns this act of the experts.

On Thursday he won the election and the last night at Wednesday he sarcastically assaulted the senior reporters of body slamming. This happened when he objected to answer the questions asked by Jacob.


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