FBI’s Eye on Jared Kushner Regarding Trump Campaign’s Russia Investigation

FBIs Eye on Jared Kushner Regarding Trump Campaigns Russia InvestigationThe son-in-law of current American president Donald Trump, Mr. Jared Kushner is in the focus of FBI investigators. Mr. Kushner also works as the president’s senior adviser. Now, the FBI Russia investigation team is ready to scrutinize him, according to a report that came on Thursday night.

The FBI officials think that Jared Kushner has important information which is enough significant for their investigation. So, the FBI team is keeping the eyes on the meeting that Mr. Kushner has held with the ambassador of Russia to the United States. In the meeting a banker belongs to Moscow also invited alongside.  The meeting has done a few weeks later of the victory of Mr. Trump as US president in last December.

Jared Kushner works as a developer in the real estate industry and got married with Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of Donald Trump. Mr. Kushner has never been charged with committing crimes till date.

FBI took him under investigation due to the “extent and nature” of Mr. Kushner’s interaction with the officials of Russia. The report was launched by Washington Post.

FBI has already taken under the investigation the previous campaign manager of Donald Trump, Mr. Paul Manafort. The one-time national indemnity adviser, Mr. Michael Flynn also considered for the Russia investigation formerly by FBI officers. According to NBC report, Mr, Kushner did not belong to that category.

It is not apparent till now whether FBI’s request regarding the record details of that particular meeting Mr. Kushner received or not. He is considered as a current official of White House and the key figure for the Russia investigation.

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