1st June Will Be The Date For Xbox Game Pass To Launch, Announced By Microsoft

1st June Will Be The Date For Xbox Game Pass To Launch, Announced By MicrosoftThe mega minds of the gaming division of Microsoft have shown their focus to boost the Xbox One sales in the market, rather than concentrating on its most ambitious mission, the Project Scorpio, which was scheduled for later this year. The company has promised its customers that they will be releasing new subscription services this year, which was made in February, and now in May, they have made it official that it will launch on June 1.

The subscription service was to give the users unlimited access to over 100 games at a cost of $9.99 per month, as this scheme is known as Xbox Game Pass, which is meant to pay games on the platform regularly that requires only an Xbox One to play. While there is also a speculation, the company will also give the gamers access to over 100 games from both the Xbox One and 360 libraries.

Along with this, the franchise also included a new scheme that says the games are not going to be streamed live, instead all they have to be downloaded on the hard drive of Xbox, and they can be deleted and even re-installed under the subscription.

Apart from the above services, the company also announced to induct more new games to its services in almost every month, which will be helpful for the user to get their hands on new games, if they purchase the Game Pass to access unlimitedly to all.

Microsoft is very much looking forward to its new scheme along with their next surprise for the users.

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