Vigorous Search Going On For Replacing Fired FBI Director

Vigorous Search Going On For Replacing Fired FBI DirectorFew days back, Trump decided to hire Lieberman as the new FBI director. But with the varied questions of raised by the democrats, he has to increase the search for the new director in order to fill the vacated official seat. The main question which arose on appointing Lieberman was that it would not be worthwhile to appoint the former politician as a FBI director.

More than ten contenders were interviewed by Trump for the post for almost two months. The wisdom was questioned for appointing a politician for the post which might begin conflict on the matters of Russia and Trump campaigning. According to the official, Lieberman is no more a frontrunner.

The search for new director has been widened for replacing fired director Comey. The main reason of firing Comey was that he led the probe into Trump’s associates. Till now it is not cleared appropriately as why the search has been broadened. Many are confused regarding the dissatisfaction among the democrats or any hurdles relating to specific person.

Many people have some or the other regret on appointing Lieberman as a director. This matter has been given the name of wisdom is appointing him. There was an unusual interview with the eight candidates in White House.

Last week too, it was revealed that at White House meetings, Trump is looking for the best professionals and he chose Lieberman as the best director if he occupies the office. But due to side regret from other officials, he had to change his decision.

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