18-Year-Old Killed His Roommates, As They Disrespect Islam

18-Year-Old Killed His Roommates, As They Disrespect IslamIn Tampa, Florida, a local man who is being accused of murdering his two roommates, who he claimed as being disrespectful to Islam and its laws, as the police officials said after they arrest the aggressive sentimental 18-year-old.

He also claimed on Monday that he used to be a neo-Nazi followed quite a few times, which was also followed by his two roommates till their death, but few months before the killer was converted into the Islamic faith.

According to the police officials, the killer whose name is Devon Arthurs mentioned several times the name of “Allah” and “Mohammed” while the officials were arresting him on the last Friday night in the Tampa region. He was arrested after he took some people at a nearby smoke shop hostage, and later he released them and surrendered to the police, and soon after that, he said he killed two of his roommates because they were insulting Islam.

He also led the police officials to the place where he kept the bodies of his two roommates and claimed the world needs to stop these anti-Islamic sentiments, instead embrace the so-called “true religion.”

Both the roommates were identified as 18-year-old, named Andrew Oneschuk, and the other was a 22-year-old named Jeremy Himmelman, and both of them killed due to gunshot wounds which were shot by Arthurs.

After the arrest incident, the police authorities have called for the bomb squad to search the place where the killings took place, to look for any explosives placed by the accused murderer.

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