President Trump Visits Israel

President Trump Visits IsraelIn order to improve the relations with the Islamic countries in the world President Trump now is on a 9 day tour to Israel. He was welcomed by the high ranking officials and the Prime Ministers of both Israel and Philistine. The Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu said that he was overwhelmed to welcome president trump and is expecting a lot in between the two countries in the upcoming years.

Muhammad Abbas who is also a very string Philistine leader also added that he is very happy with the visit of President Trump and would like to have a brief meeting with him in regards to improving the relationship in between the two countries. The security arrangement however is said to be world class and impenetrable and the best people from the army have been selected to provide security to the President and his wife who are in tour.

President Trump plans to visit the holy city as well in his tour and spend sometime in the Holy place where Jesus was buried and Resurrected. He will be praying there for some time as well and spending time with God and yes the first lady of US also will be there along with him as she was from beginning.

This meeting is a very important one so there is a lot expected from this meeting of his. The people of Israel were also happy to welcome trump and his wife to their nation and are treating them very good.

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