The Millionaire Who Just Released $111m On A Basquiat Canvas

The Japanese millionaire Yusaku Maezawa has managed to make a title for himself as a mainstayperformer, an online styletycoon and the most recent one being a high progressing art collector.

The Tech Tycoon, who is 41 year old, has managed to make surfs in the world of art this week by dropping million of $111 on the jean-Michel Basquiat canvas at the Sotheby’son Thursday night in the New York and has become the uppermost ever paid price at apublic sale for aneffort by anartist of American.

The first love of Maezawa however has always been music, andmanufacturing in which he completes transition from an artist to an entrepreneur.

Maezawa on-going an indie rock group during his high school and also released the EP in the year of 1993. He hopped college to follow his then sweetheart to United States in where the only thing he did was collect Cd’s and archives of the bands he loved.

The he reverted to Japan in the year of 1995 and taking place an importation music industry where he used to sell Cd’s and the vinyls of his favourite bands through mails from his household. In the year of 1998 he started his mail command music industry to presentation start today identification the business after ascrapbook by aninferiorgroupbrute biscuits.

Maezawa is a rarity in Japan: a billionaire who does not like suits and ties very much instead he is a very cool CEO and always inspireseverybody at his corporation to have enjoyable while they are working.

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