The Effects of Protectionism Policy Of The United States

The Effects of Protectionism Policy Of The United StatesIn a recent meeting between the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) countries, it seems that not everything is happening in the right direction. The reason behind the setback is the growing aspect of protectionism by the government of Donald Trump.

In this regard, the United States was completely against the stand of the other twenty APEC nations that were in favor of tree trade. The twenty nations were totally against the concept of protectionism, and it was disclosed by the officials who were present during the meeting.

In relation to this meeting, a statement was made by the Vietnamese chairman; and, the message he wanted to deliver through the statement was very clear, which was about showing full commitment to encourage trade as well as bring in liberalization.

However, no concrete plans were made in this regard by any of the twenty nations. During the meeting, many points were discussed, such as small businesses, sustainable growth, technical cooperation, and many more.

The internal strife is somewhat identical to what has been observed at the congregations of Group of Seven and Group of 20. In both the congregations, the statements were customized as per the new agenda of the United States.

So, it can be clearly said that the influence of the United States over the rest of the nations has been a powerful one, and the coming days are going to be somewhat challenging for these nations. On the other hand, China is in full mode to project itself as the leader of free trade.

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