A Stray Bullet Stopped By A Gopro Camera AndSave A Man’s Life

A Stray Bullet Stopped By A Gopro Camera AndSave A Mans LifeRecently, after the launch of GoPros, people have done many experiments with the device, and even there were several survival stories linked with the rugged designed camera, but there were several odd stories which are bound to happen in real life, as per many normal people. This time, a man got shot by a bullet, which was a stray bullet, but incidentally, the bullet didn’t go through the man, because it got stopped by a GoPro camera.

There was much news came from around the world which saysthe GoPro camera came to use in many ways that are not just the regular camera use. But, this one was very unacceptable, as no one even thought and not even the guy named Ammar Alwaely who got hit by a bullet and only to get stopped by the person’s GoPro camera.

Alwaely is an Iraqi journalist, who was in Iraq’s Mosul, and traveling through the ISIS region when suddenly a single shot of bullet came from the city’s direction, which was a sniper bullet came and hit the GoPro that was sling around the neck of the journalist.

At last, the GoPro didn’t survive, but the man does, and the whole incident was recorded on camera which shows the footage of Alwaely being shot by the stray bullet but saved by the GoPro. The footage was shot by a fellow journalist of Alwaely, whose name is Owen Hold away, because their cameraman was not present in the scenario, so one of the journalists was recording the firefight and the other one was reporting.

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