NASA Finally Solves 25-Year-Old Space Mystery After Long-Term Studies

NASA Finally Solves 25-Year-Old Space Mystery After Long-Term StudiesIn a special report, it is more than 25 years from now, when a NASA astronomer named Carl Sagan along his team, spotted an odd image which was coming from the Galileo spacecraft, where they saw some apparent glints of light coming from Earth. But now, after several years of studies and with the help of other advanced technologies, the mystery has been cracked by NASA, which is nothing but floating ice crystals.

As per reports made by NASA, which mentioned that in the latter part of the year 2015, when a weather satellite was spotted a glimpse of the floating ice again, as the satellite was launched by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. At the time of Sagan, the light was thought to come from the sun as a reflection from smooth water patches, but there was glimpse of lights came from the land as well, which makes them dig more into the matter, says a spokesperson from the agency.

Now the new research was done by a team from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, which led by Alexander Marshak, and the team theorized the substance with various theories about waters and its forms and even the present atmosphere. But, it was later when they found that there are many flecks of ice which are flying high in the atmosphere and gets its reflection from the Sun.

These ice flakes are not at all coming from the ground, claimed by Marshak, which was claimed by him and even shows proof that includes the images gathered from Deep Space Climate Observatory.

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