Donald Trump Ready To Have Dialogue With North Korea Only On Right Condition

Donald Trump Ready To Have Dialogue With North Korea Only On Right ConditionFor those who do not know, an envoy from President of South Korea is on a visit to the United States. On Thursday, the United States President Donald Trump met with the envoy and had a discussion with him on the matter of getting into conversation with the North Korea. The outcome of the meeting was shared by the foreign ministry of South Korea.

The foreign ministry said that the US President have made it very clear that Washington is ready to resolve the issue of North  Korea’s nuclear development program via engagement, but only under the right conditions. There is no doubt that diplomatic way is the most apt method to solve this crisis, accompanied with the usage of economic sanctions.

In this regard, the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in has already showed his inclination towards a more sensible approach towards the government of North Korea. However, he also agreed that North Korea need to bring some change in its attitude of focusing on arm development. Dialogue can only be possible after North Korea lowers down its arm development programs.

On the matter, on one of the major news channels of South Korea, the spokesman of South Korea’s foreign ministry said in comments that Trump’s stand on the conditions of conducting dialogue with the North is something which South Korea also believes in. The South also has the same opinion that dialogue can take place only under right situations. So, the coming days are going to be very crucial for these three countries.

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