A Confrontation Between Police Officers &Person With Knife Leads To One Person Dead

A Confrontation Between Police Officers &Person With Knife Leads To One Person DeadIn Tempe, Arizona, a suspect with the knife was confronted by two police officers with a gun, and one of them got knifed by the suspect while the other officer shot the suspect, who later died in the hospital.

The incident took place on Tuesday morning near the rural area of Southern Tempe, which has never seen this kind of situation. But, there were many such incidents happen in the region but not this kind, when a person stabbed an officer, and he had a gun, says a passerby.

As per the police reports, officers were involved in the shooting who were on the scene, while both the suspects and the police officer were admitted to a nearby hospital, but the suspect was unconscious by the time he reached the hospital. Though soon after two people were reached the hospital, the suspect was pronounced dead by the doctors, and on the other hand the police officer was sustained minor injuries from the knife wounds, and he will be discharged within a day, says a hospital official.

According to the second officer who shot his gun, says he shot to help his partner, who was being stabbed by the suspect, and thus he was pushed to shot the person. There is some controversy arises in this case, which involves the officer who can stop the suspect but instead shot him dead, though it was not mentioned if the officer ever asked the person to stop what he is doing, and thus an investigation is placed.

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