North Korea Giving Continuous Threats To United States And Its Allies Too

North Korea Giving Continuous Threats To United States And Its Allies TooIt seems that the North Korea is in no mood to stop from threatening the United States as well as its allies. In this regard, the White House urged nations like Russia and China to take necessary steps in order to find a solution to this issue. No doubt, both the countries can play a major role in resolving the situation.

In this regard, the press secretary of the White House, Sean Spicer spoke to the reports during his news conference, which is organized on daily basis. He said that there is no doubt that North Korea is continuously giving threats to the US, South Korea, and Japan. It is known to everyone that Japan and South Korea are the two major allies of the United States.

He also added, “We are constantly urging the government of Russia and China to do everything in their capacity so that the conditions can be made better, which in turn would bring in stability in the region.” He said these words after a reporter questioned him about the series of missile tests that have been carried out the North Korea in the last few weeks. These tests were clearly the violation of the UNSC (UN Security Council) resolution.

During the press conference, Spicer also said that President Trump is ready to engage in conversation with the President of South Korea, so that these issues can be discussed properly. So, the coming days are going to be very much critical for the United States as well as for its allies.

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