As Per The Constitution The President Isn’t The Commander In Chief

Recently, the United States ambassador to the UN, Nikki R. Haley made a few comments regarding the President of the United States. On a news channel, he said that the US president is the Chief Executive Officer of the nation, and hence he can hire as well as fire anyone as per his desire. These comments have definitely raised a few questions as well.

One of the important questions that needed to be addressed is that whether the US president does have the power to fire anyone working in the federal government. However, it is important to mention that the president is the chief executive officer of the federal government, and not of the nation. As per the constitutional laws, the president will have the executive power which can be used for the appropriate reasons.

It is also true that there are numerous people who address the US president as their “commander in chief”. Nevertheless, it is vital to mention that the president is also the commander in chief of the United States armed forces, and not of the whole government. This is something that has already been mentioned in the constitution; in Article II of Section 2.

There are many examples in the past which show that a lot of people get this thing wrong. The comment made by Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump is one such example. Last year she had said that Trump simply lacks the character to be the president as well as the commander in chief of US.

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