Oregon Man Killed His Mother On The Mother’s Day’s Eve; Then Went On To Stab Another Along With Human Head

Oregon Man Killed His Mother On The Mothers Days Eve Then Went On To Stab Another Along With Human HeadIn Estacada, Oregon, it’s the eve of Mother’s Day which shows an ill-side of a mother and her son’s relationship, to this day a local man from the village killed his mother and fled the area. Next, the person showed up in a nearby town’s grocery store where he stabbed a checkout clerk, and not that all, he is also alleged to carrying a human head which was a little bit unbelievable.

According to the police authorities, who made a statement after they made the arrest and sent the clerk to the hospital, they said this incident is one of a kind of bizarre situation in the Clackamas County’s history. The statement says that a man killed his mother on the Mother’s Day when the whole world is celebrating the day with their mothers, and this is a very unpredictable thing happen in the town.

The authorities have identified the person as Joshua Lee Webb, who is a 36-year-old man with a slight vision problem, has killed his mother in their home, and his father was not there in the house that time. Then, Joshua fled the place and went into a nearby town which is to Estacada just 12 miles north of the village, where he entered into a grocery door, almost covered in blood and he was also carrying what the witnesses said it was a human head. Joshua stabbed an employee, but when he tried to stab another one, he was apprehended by the people present in the store, until the police came.

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