Ohio Killer Suspect’s History Shows Violent Past Records After His Death

Ohio Killer Suspects History Shows Violent Past Records After His DeathIn Kirkersville, Ohio, the suspect who is now dead is accused with killed a state village police chief, and two employees from a nursing home have violent past records revealed by a court, which even shows the history of violence includes one of the now dead nurses.

As per police reports, the person is identified as a 43-year-old man named Thomas Hartless, who was found dead by the officials, on Friday inside Pine Kirk Care Center. Among the dead, the nurse with whom Hartless had a violent past, 46-year-old Marlina Medrano, and her aid Cindy Krantz, who is 48, and the Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Eric Disario, who was a 36-year-old decorated police officer.

Another report surfaced, which shows how the people died and nothing else, there was no new news of Hartless’s other victims, but the experts believe only around 500 people was living in the village and has no news on other killings so far. The distance of the village from Columbus, is just 25 miles east, with a very low as well very sparsely populated area.

On the other hand, the slain Nurse Medrano had previously obtained civil protection from orders against her killer Hartless, who has released from jail this April for domestic violence. He was also previously served in jail after an abduction case reported against him with another woman in the year 2009, which was solved after some period.

Now, the police are still searching for more clues to verify the person’s bad past.

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