Guatemalan Man In Florida Calls 911 To Get Deported On Purpose

Guatemalan Man In Florida Calls 911 To Get Deported On PurposeIn Naples, Florida, this event is the first such event occurred in the country when a Guatemalan man called the 911 from his Florida residence and asked the police for his deportation. A bizarre situation occurred in the city of Naples, as this Guatemalan guy got arrested and will get deported within few days to his country Guatemala.

According to the statement made by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, which said the person who was arrested is now under the custody of the authorities, is identified as Cesar Sanchez who is a 29-year-old man native to Guatemala. Sanchez called the operator on Tuesday that he is not a citizen of this country and the authorities should deport him to his country without any delay, as per the operator who received the emergency call. The sheriff’s office also released the audio conversations on this Friday, which clarifies the fact, he didn’t call to ask help for an emergency; instead, he wants just to get deported to his country.

After the call made to 911, they have dispatch a deputy to the scene, who arrest Sanchez on the charge of misusing an emergency number, which is quite true in some aspect, and thus he was taken to the police custody.

Sanchez will stay until May 31st in a county jail facility, and on the last date of May, he will get a date for court’s hearing. And, that is the governing body who will decide whether to keep him in jail or leave him to the customs department for deportation.

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