Not One But Two Small Scaled Earthquakes Hit Northern Oklahoma On Sunday

Not One But Two Small Scaled Earthquakes Hit Northern Oklahoma On SundayIn Hunter, Oklahoma, there were two minuscule scaled earthquakes were recorded in the northern region of the state on this Sunday morning, which raises eyebrows about the aftereffects from these quakes in the Midwest, says the US officials.

According to the US Geological Survey, who made a statement after the earthquakes happen, it seems like there were two earthquakes hit in the northern sector of the state, and these two quakes are minor that many might not be felt the shockwaves. The agency also recorded the magnitudes and time of the quakes, as they were first hit at 11:52 am, with a 3.0 magnitude quake, near Hunter, and the other one occurred near Meno around 8:02 am before the Hunter’s, with a lower magnitude of 2.1. These two earthquakes shook the region with minor shockwaves that make some people felt them, which is because of the low integrity of the earthquakes.

As per the police officials in the area described there was no new of any emergencies occurred in the region, which includes no damages or injuries took place in the area. On the other hand, the geologist present in the region has assured the people of Hunter and Meno that there will not be a damage or injury if the quakes are below the magnitude of 4.0, which considered as the margin of intensity.

In the recent years there were thousands of earthquakes have occurred, and all of them are due to the ongoing oil and natural gas extractions.

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