2015 Amtrak Derailment Responsible Engineer Won’t Face Any Charges, Says Court

2015 Amtrak Derailment Responsible Engineer Wont Face Any Charges, Says CourtIn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the engineer from Amtrak who was responsible for the derailment of the train that crashed on May 12, 2015, gets relief from the court on this Tuesday, as the court decides to withdrawn all the criminal charges, as per a district attorney said.

The crash of 2015 was deadly which took eight lives and injured at least 200 people, which includes many suffering severely after the incident took place.

The accusing lawyer couldn’t prove any charges against the Amtrak engineer Brandon Bostian, and even they weren’t able to provide any sufficient proof that shows the involvement of the person in the case. Thus, the inefficiency of the prosecutors to provide any sorts of evidence in the case against Bostian leads to the court’s order to dismiss the entire allegation on Bostian.

On the other hand, the FBI concluded that they were not able to found any evidence that Bostian was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol while he was driving the train. It was also accused that the train supposed to run on the curves on a 50 mph, but Bostian was driving it over 105 mph, which is more than double what was regulated, though it was not proven in the court. But, at last, it was concluded by the federal investigators that the engineer was lost of his train’s location, and crashed after it was struck with a rock.

In recent times, train derailment or other accidents related to trains were becoming less per year, say officials.

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