Man Charged With Connection With The ISIS, As Well His Plans To Bomb Several NYC Locations

Man Charged With Connection With The ISIS, As Well His Plans To Bomb Several NYC LocationsIn New York City, a man from New Jersey planned to bomb with pressure cooker bombs on several locations in the city is now being accused in court, will reveal on this Friday, and he also being charged with being a supporter and sympathizer of ISIS.

As per reports, the 20-year-old accused named Gregory Lepsky, who belongs to the New Jersey, especially in the Point Pleasant area, will now expect to appear in a federal court, on various charges. But, for now, he will stand the trails to the charges of attempting to contact the enemy of the nation, a terrorist group to target the country’s home grounds with bombs and also for being a sympathizer to the terrorist organization.

The arrest was made in February, where Lepsky was charged to stab his dog, as he considered himself as a Muslim, and thus killed the dog because, in Islam, dogs are considered filthy and dirty. Lepsky, also made his allegations cleared to the police as he had made his allegiance to Allah the god of Islam, but the police also found many things later that made them arrest the person for more charges.

Firstly, in suspicion, the police officials searches his house for any clues of terrorist minded things, and they found jackpots, as several pressure cookers stashed in his bedroom, which was later revealed to him to use as bombs. After a vivid interrogation, the police also came to know the person is a huge sympathizer to the terrorist organization the Islamic States, and wishes to join them as soon as possible.

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