Officer Shot Black Teen Was Fired On Tuesday, Later May Face Charges Because Of Victim’s Family’s Pressure

Officer Shot Black Teen Was Fired On Tuesday, Later May Face Charges Because Of Victims Familys PressureIn Balch Springs, Texas, the Dallas police authority has fired the officer on this Tuesday, because he shot and killed a teenaged boy from the African American community, who was riding a vehicle back from a party. The incident triggers a massive backlash when the family members of the victim raise their voice to want justice, as they want to put criminal charges against the officer, which lead to the suspension of the individual.

According to the police report, the officer was recognized as Roy Oliver, who is now being terminated by its police authorities for violating police department’s policies on handling a situation, but instead, he shot and kill the 15-year-old victim named, Jordan Edwards.

On the other hand, the dead teen’s family has appointed attorneys who are Lee Merritt and Jasmine Crockett, who told to the media as per the reports, the officer shot the front passenger side window, which pierced the glass and hit Edwards. The most shocking fact is, Oliver, shot the round with a rifle and not with his side arm, and because a rifle has more impact than a handgun, it pierces the glass and hit Edwards seated in the passenger seat and his big brother was driving, who was is a 16 year old teen.

There is a bit controversy on how the teen brothers react to the officer because as per Oliver, he said the older teen was aggressively moving the vehicle to hit the officer, but a video later provides the allegations wrong.

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