A Home In Mosul Turned Into A Death Bed For Its Owners After US Airstrikes

A Home In Mosul Turned Into A Death Bed For Its Owners After US AirstrikesIn Cairo, a group of many civilians is now arguing over the American concern as it justifying its airstrikes on the city of Mosul which turned a home into a death trap, which was conducted a later at the start of this year.

People see this as a threat and question the American force’s involvement in killing innocent civilians, as earlier this year on March 17, like a house full of refugees who were more than 100 in number was bombed by the US. This incident was one of the most deadly airstrikes in the whole campaign which loses civilian lives in the hands of the force that meant to protect them from ISIS.

But, since then the American forces are justifying the act and held responsible the ISIS for bombardment, which is according to them, there were several ISIS operators strapped Bombs in their vests and the airstrikes triggered the huge blast which killed them all.

The US officials also said, that the because of the body trapped with explosives create a booby trap for people inside the building, but on the other hand, the survivors and the prime witnesses in the blast didn’t mention any of the blasts conducted inside the house. US claims were rejected by the survivors of ISIS doing the blast, and not by their bombs, who described the horrifying battle events done conducted by the US attack and bomber aircraft.

Soon after the claims made by the survivors and witnesses, US officials have made a panel to conduct a proper investigation into the matter.

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