United States Increases The Number Of Spy Ships Near Russia And North Korea

United States Increases The Number Of Spy Ships Near Russia And North KoreaIn spite of being warned a couple of times by Russia and North Korea the United States has increased the number of spy ships around these two countries. This has been a normal practice of the US army from a very long time that they do before attacking a country. Early this year there was a report that spy ships of Russia were spotted around the coasts of America and then they increased the coastal security around the country.

So did Russia as well by increasing the security levels in and around the waters that cover the country.  They have clearly told the United States that if they spot any of the countries spy ship even near to their borders they will take an immediate action against them. If the problem persists then they will be ready to fight inside water as well and will make sure that they win.

The problems for America does not seem to reduce as day by day the conditions are getting from bad to worse.  Every year millions are spent in order to make the security equipment of the country up to date instead of being spent on the development of the country. Yes having strong battle equipment is necessary but then putting in so much money on things that are meant for destruction is somewhat not good.

As the number of spy ships increase in and around the countries there is a great threat to the people of the country as well so people should be prepare themselves for something unexpected soon.

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