Thousands Turn Up To Attend The Peoples Climate March

This was the first time in the History of America that a Peoples Climate March was organised all across the country in different places. The best thing about this Climate March was that it was not just for the people for America but for people of the whole globe who have come to America as immigrants.

So people turned up in thousands especially in the city of Washington DC in front of the white house to let the President know about the problems and challenges that they are facing due to the massive climatic change that is affecting the whole world.

The march was pretty huge and even Hollywood Actors and Directors were present to attend the march. The media was also specially invited to cover the whole event and people came up with innovative ideas to express their concerns pertaining to the global warming and massive climatic changes that are happening all across the globe.

The social sites were loaded with the photos of the event and people actually responded very well to the whole thing even on social websites and came up with new and unique ideas to reduce the climatic problems. Around 1, 50,000 people had attended the march just in the city of Washington and almost all the organisations that deal with anything related to climate also were an important part of the march.

It is indeed good to see people coming up together for social issues like this that effect humanity and the lives of people.

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