Woman Points Gun At Barber Because Her Son’s Haircut Was Taking Too Long

Woman Points Gun At Barber Because Her Sons Haircut Was Taking Too LongIn Cleveland, Ohio, the local police have released a video to identify a woman, who has pointed a gun out on a barber, because she was taking too long to cut her son’s hair, say the police officials.

The incident took place at a shop in the Allstate Barber College, on April 14, 2017, where a woman has pointed a gun to a barber student who was cutting her 7-year-old child’s hair. But, taking too long to cut them, which triggered her to place a pistol on the student barber’s face, and it also comes to know the woman claimed she has two rounds left inside and will empty on the barber. On the other hand, many other witnesses said the woman was complaining several times about the time taking to cut the hair of the kid, and then she place the gun on the barber’s face.

There was another student barber who confronted the woman and asked her not to pull out the gun, as no one is threatening her child, and it is a matter of fact that time is taking to cut his hair.

It was the instructor at the shop named, Marilyn Medina, who is the victim, and on her face, the woman pulled the gun, and this makes her troubled and shocked. She later said the woman is also saying “the gun is her private property and she can pull it to whoever she wants.”

According to the police authorities, they are looking for the woman and will take her into custody soon.

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