Seven Stars Played Versatile Iconic Superhero Roles in Different Movies

Seven Stars Played Versatile Iconic Superhero Roles in Different MoviesMany actors and actresses have been playing iconic superhero roles on movies but there are seven stars played twice the superhero comic book different characters. 27th April is the National Superhero Day and today here some information is listed about the celebrities who played the different superhero characters more than once.

Usually, the movie stars become an idol and the living superhero for playing a specific superhero character but sometimes, it also happens that a star gets the offers to play different superhero character in different movies. There are seven Hollywood celebrities who played the comic book heroes’ roles on the big or small screens.

The first and the foremost name come to mind is the famous and iconic Captain America, Chris Evans. The 35-year-old actor played the character of The Human Torch in Fantastic Four in 2005 and Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer. Since 2011 Chris Evans has been playing the character of Captain America in the Avenger series. Chris has played another superhero character named Lucas Lee.

Ben Affleck is also in the list. The 44-year-old star played the character of Batman and Daredevil. In 2003, Ben played the character of Matt Murdock famously known Daredevil. In 2016, Ben portrayed Batman and it suits him perfectly so that upcoming two Batman movies he has already signed up.

Like Chris and Ben, there are many other Hollywood stars played different superhero characters as well. Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds, and many others are on the list, played various iconic superhero characters in different films.

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