Fans Get Freak Out As Phoebe and Paul Again Hooking Up With Each Other

Fans Get Freak Out As Phoebe and Paul Again Hooking Up With Each OtherPhoebe and Paul are reuniting again. Whoa, the news makes every fan freaks out undoubtedly. The surprising announcement cannot let you sit down at all. The duo broke up the relation a month ago and now they are getting back to each other again.

Officially Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin might be reunited. In March 2017, the CW stars parted away from each other after spending four years together. Recently, the duo was spotted together while hanging out with each other. According to the sources, the couple is getting closer and doing intimate things as well. Does not it sound great? Yes.

On 19th of March, The 27-year-old Phoebe Tonkin and the 34-year-old Paul Wesley were seen with each other at the Farmer’s Market of Los Angeles. The couple was walking together around the market. Later on 6th April, they were again spotted together while enjoying the intimate food at celebrity popular Madeo restaurant, located in West Hollywood. Both of them were looking cute and adorable in the snapped pictures of the outgoing days and it looks like something is getting up in between them. Hopefully, the sources might be absolutely right.

According to a personal source, despite being parted away Phoebe and Paul love to be with each other and enjoy hooking up together. The source told this news to the US weekly. Phoebe shared a picture of her and Paul on Instagram, hopefully for teasing the fans about the made up news. Phoebe and Paul met in 2012 on the set of The Vampire Diaries and since then they had been together until March this year.

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