The US Has Deployed Their Latest Missile System In South Korea, Targeting The North

In Seoul, South Korea, just a day after the North Korean military shows their military power in a live ammunition drill, now it’s time for the South and its prominent ally the US to show theirs, and thus they soon deployed a new enhanced variant of THAAD missile system.

The new Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system is the best fleet of anti-ballistic missile systems that are there in the US inventory. And due to its alliance to the South Koreans, the small-yet-powerful nation now at war also enjoys the security of this might missile system. This is the first time the THAAD system is being installed in the Korean peninsula, and North Korea will going to taste the heat if it attacks with any of its failed ballistic missiles on South Korea.

According to some reports, the North Korean armed forces have conducted live-fire artillery drills on this Tuesday, and it is on the eve of 85th anniversary of the founding of its army’s million personnel. This drill raises concern on the southern side of the peninsula and in the Washington DC, which prompt them to deploy the THAAD system, which raised anger on the North Korean side. But, on the other hand, China also raised its concern in the situation, though the Trump government is planning to work with the Chinese in this situation shortly.

In recent years, China is getting frustrated with the North Korean ally, and also the Russian, which is the North as a security threat.

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