Startups in Hundreds call on FCC to retain net neutrality

There are more than 800 tech startups as a group requesting Ajit Pai, Federal Communications Commission Chairman, to avoid going forward to dismantle net neutrality.

In a letter on the Wednesday morning, the coalition was led by tech groups Y Combinator, Techstars and Engine , said it is “deeply concerned” that the Pai reports is planning to cancel the FCC’s net neutrality rules, that prohibits the internet service providers from favoring or discriminating against web traffic to certain sites.

“Without net neutrality, the incumbents providing access to the Internet can easily and conveniently pick winners or losers in the market,” reads the letter.

“They could delay the traffic from our services such that it may favor established competitors or their own services, or they could inflict new tolls on us, inhibiting consumer choice.”

Pai in a speech on Wednesday is expected to bring out his argument for abolishing the 2015 regulations. Details on his plan are very little, but he reportedly has floated removing or abolishing the regulations in exchange to open internet principles for voluntary commitments.

Pai has highlighted that he supports the principles, but says the net neutrality rules have gone much ahead to the extent that it is now reclassifying internet providers as common carriers, a designation that opened to tougher enforcement from the FCC.

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