State issues mumps alert outbreak; locals are responding

The Texas Department of State Health Services advised people to respond immediately and also to take good precautions offering a warning about the multiple mumps outbreaks in the state.

Since February, Cedar Hill ISD has 41 confirmed mumps cases. But, Superintendent Orlando Riddick believes the outbreak is under control as they took the right action.

“We’re managing it,” he said. “I don’t know if it can be completely cleared to zero level. But I think our practices are helping in mitigating it.”

That mitigation included additional cleaning efforts in the school, more use of hand sanitizers and offering booster shots to ensure everyone’s MMR vaccinations are up to date.

“I think the recommendation for additional vaccine is the right one,” said Dr. Glenn Hardesty, with Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital.

Dallas County Health reports 81 confirmed cases of mumps in Dallas County this year. And their recommendations include taking at least MMR vaccine two doses. And in case of an exposed population, a third booster shot application may be required just as Cedar Hill has offered a third booster shot – just as have done at Cedar Hill.

But Dr. Glenn Hardesty says this is not all about the mumps as he diagnosed a patient on Wednesday with influenza.

“Take precautions, get immunizations, and ensure they are up to date,” Hardesty said. “And if you happen to get exposed, make sure you take extra step to prevent catching this disease and also spreading the disease.”

“We need to be sure of the practices that we do around health are important no matter what we are or may be addressing,” Riddick said.

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